The New Year is Upon Us!

It is finally 2016! We have been living in the election year bullshit ever since Obama got re-elected, and we have finally made it to the last stretch of stench before we find out just how well the mass media has programmed the voting public. I make no secret that I am a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders for the primary, as well as the general election – NOT because I think he’s the most likable candidate, but because he is the most consistently on the side of the people. For decades. Seriously… look him up, and see what he has stood for over the thirty years he has been in politics. His own party’s establishment is trying to shut him out… and we will soon see what the Democratic party is really made of.

As for the Republicans, from Donald Trump to Ted Cruz, each and every candidate represents the very worst in human and American nature. When you watch the Republican debates, it looks like a cheese ball, all covered in nuts. Festive for the holidays, but a) it really doesn’t taste too good, and b) it’s really not good for you. Extremist Christians stoking up fear of Muslims bombing us, after literally decades of republican bombs and occupation devastating the entire Muslim world. For oil and money. Woo-hoo.

I, for one, an ready for something different. I am done buying corporate crap that makes me fat, lazy and unhealthy just so they can profit off of my misery. I am done buying single use plastic shit that clogs up the arteries of the rivers, oceans and wildlife, just so the oil companies can peddle more of their poisonous lies on me. I will vote with my wallet – if you don’t give a shit about the planet we live on, I will NOT give you my money. If you are taking groundwater from communities to wrap it in plastic and sell for a buck, I will rally against you, and try to get as many people as I can influence to stop supporting you with their money.

I will no longer eat food that comes from something with a face. Every steak, hot dog, hamburger, fishwich, slice of cheese, and cup of milk I have ever consumed came from someone’s baby. I have worked farms, and I know what passes for humane. I will no longer support wholesale slaughter of any living animal for the nourishment I can get from non-animal sources. I remember when I was young, and learned to hunt… how we gave thanks to the animal and the universe for the sacrifice… and how it is not done that way in even the best of industrial farms. and that we no longer need meat in our diets – in fact, all evidence shows that we have evolved to the point that meat is actually toxic to our systems. Especially at more than 5% of our diet. We have grown smart enough to find plant based nourishment that feeds us better and safer than our “modern” diet of convenience over nutrition. To keep killing animals for food at this point is really just an excuse to kill. I won’t participate any more.

On the upside, I am going to do what I love to do from now on. I am sculpting again, and back at the music. I am going to fly, sing, draw, paint, build, create, love, help, hold and forgive as often, and as deeply as I can, each day that I am fortunate enough to have. I am going to let you know how special you are to me. I am going to let ME know how special I am as well. I am going to be of service to as many as I can in the ways that I can while holding firm in my convictions – my dignity and following my dharma. I am not a telemarketer, nor a car salesman. I am not going to try to be. Happy new year!


like the background music? That’s ‘Mixdown’ by me, Aaron Camus. It’s available here.