When you set out to set up your online identity, you want to set yourself up to shine. Whatever you do, you put your all into it, and never settle for less than the best you can give. Your online presence should reflect your values, your identity, your style…

I can help bring your ideas to the world. I can assist you in breaking out with the next hit single – Whether you are venturing into the world of online commerce or need an online hub for your band’s fans to find your next gig… a website is a great way to present yourself, your business or group, your art or music projects, and much more. But not just ANY website… You need a GREAT website!

Here are a few of our more recent designs…



NDsiteshot1The Church / Organizaztion site

I will help you spread the Good News, by building you a website that not only looks wonderful, but also allows you to organize and communicate, schedule events and meetings, broadcast and stream live and recorded media – audio and video, and more.

Some members and parishioners may find it difficult to join you in person, due to ailment or perhaps they are on vacation… Why not give them a chance to participate? It’s easier than you think! I’ve got lots of options for you, so that we can tailor your website just for your needs.



muggyweld_comE-Commerce Sites

Are you ready to get yourself an online store? Do you want some of that online sales revenue that they are all talking about? Do you have no idea how to go about doing it? I can help.

I have worked on some great teams, from surplus retailers to domain and hosting providers, as well as print shops and graphic design studios… I’ve been working on internet marketing and design as long as we’ve had the internet. I have watched the web grow, and have kept my finger on the pulse, so to speak, so I can offer you a great amount of expertise for a very reasonable price.



FireShot Screen Capture #072Musicians & Artists

You would probably like to focus on your craft… painting, sculpting, singing… rocking out. You don’t really have time to build a website. You’ve been saying you would for years now, but building a website isn’t the same as knitting your custom hand made sweaters, is it?

How ’bout this… You keep working on the next big multi-platinum album, and I’ll do the website. I’m the guy that does that. You do you, and I’ll make sure your website reflects who you are to your fans, families, and friends out there in that big old world.

Sky’s the limit…